Marie Rose is bringing a whole new experience to you...

Welcome to my garden!

In the past, I have always heard my clients say..

"Well this is as good as it's going to get" or " I'd rather not be in the photo"

.. I am looking to change all of that! My name is Alex. I am the owner of Marie Rose Photography and I am here to empower and educate people to become confident and stay confident in front of the lens through posing instruction, self love workshops, and personalized photo sessions!

I have spent these last few months honing in on my niche and I am so excited to share it with all of the amazing clients that support my mission. This year, there will be no more "maybe later" or "I don't like myself right now!" and more working on how you present yourself and show up for you!

You have the power to create a YOU that you want to see in an image. I want to create ease in that process. From pre shoot emails, to help you show up to your session as your BEST self, to posing tips and tricks on socials to help you feel like a rockstar in selfies and professional sessions, Marie Rose Photography is here to be that backing and comfort.

I am so excited to be on this continuous journey of self love, for myself and am even more excited to be bringing you along with me..

On this platform, I hope to create a safe space for people to express themselves in personalized photo sessions, gain knowledge from my posing techniques, and grow a sense of community through my self love workshops and self love community.

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