The need to know!

I get it, I get it... you want to know more. Do I shoot men? Do I like to travel? What will I even use when I shoot your photos.

Well here is a list of all your burning questions! Click around below to fund out more and if you still have some questions, I would love to find some time to chat.

I am here to make your life easier and to add to your photography experience!


Do you shoot men?

Yes I do! Though my focus is women, I am a professional photography company that loves to shoot images for a variety of clients.

Do you shoot events?

Yes! I love shooting events! One of my top strengths is individualization. I love to become a part of the party, meet new people, and capture natural expressions!

Do you travel?

Take me away! JK. But really. I love traveling. I am a sucker for a camera and a foreign destination. Let me capture you in your explorer element for any occasion.

Can I extend the session the day of?

Yes you can! An extra 30 minutes is an additional $75. An extra 1 hour is $125. Rates vary depending on location.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot 1080p and use a Nikon D750 and a Nikon Z7ii Mirrorless camera. I have 3 different focal lenses that shoot in low light, extended distances and external lighting to add to the image.

Do I have to get my images printed by you?

You do not need to order prints through me, however, I provide competitive rates and you do not have to worry about images being transferred and losing its quality when getting it printed from an outside vendor.

Why do your prices vary?

Prices vary for some of my services due to different factors such as location, additional permitting, photography set up/ styling, additional services needed for the photo session; i.e. studio location & make up artistry.